The ministries of this church are the life blood of this church. You will want to become involved where your spiritual needs can be fulfilled and where you can share what God has done in your life. Whether it be joining in community service or becoming part of the youth group we want for you to find a  place to serve and a place to grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Adult Sabbath School- Join one of our adult Sabbath school lesson study groups. Every week small groups get together to share what they learned from the lesson and how it has made a difference in their lives.

Outreach Ministries- The Evangelism Ministry exists to encourage and equip believers to share the love of God, model that love and win people to Christ.

Family Ministries- We all belong to a family and no matter who your family is made up of, we want to support you.

Pathfinder Club- The Pathfinder Club is part of a world-wide co-ed scouting type organization sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Juniors and teens in grades 5-12 of any religion, or none at all, are welcomed and encouraged to join this ministry.

Prayer Ministries- The purpose of the prayer ministry team is to actively encourage and promote prayer within the life of the church.

Social Ministries- The Church is a family. Successful families socialize.

Wellness Ministries- Wellness Ministries is not only about assisting our members with living healthier, happier lives; it is also about reaching out to the surrounding community.

Women’s Ministries- Women's Ministries provides the opportunity for women to grow spiritually and socially through a network of support groups active in the church.